Chabad on Campus

NYC Shabbaton

The experience of a Lifetime!

Highlights Include:

Join 1000+ college students from all across the globe for the most amazing weekend in NYC!

Watch the video and sign up to take part in the most incredible annual Shabbaton. 

Or you can email us at:

  • Tour of the city that never sleeps (by prior registration only)

  • Hang out with hundreds of students in a relaxed atmosphere

  • Home-based Shabbat dinner at a local host family

  • ‘Friday Night Live’ – a series of entertaining discussions and workshops

  • ‘Social Spot': Your opportunity to meet new friends for a quick game, just to say hi or for a longer shmooze. It will be open throughout the weekend!

  • Group reunions and “Meet and Match” Social Hangout

  • Spirited Shabbat lunch: complete with song and dance, in a packed ballroom with close to 1,000 friends

  • Stimulating Lecture Series – your choice of topics

  • Interaction with leading Jewish thinkers

  • Musical Havdallah

  • and much much more!