Student life

ChabadGW has been enhancing Jewish life on The George Washington University's Campus for nearly 25 years through an array of educational and inspirational initiatives. 
Scroll down below to see some of our programs:

Shabbat Dinners

Our delicious and popular Shabbat Dinners are great for the palate as well as the soul. Join The  Rabbi and Rebbetzin and the ChabadGW family for one of our famous Shabbat dinners and find out why this is a weekly highlight for hundreds of Jewish students at GW.​


Pizza and Parsha / Kebabs and Kabbalah

The name pretty much sums this one up. Come Join our weekly classes given on the Parsha accompanied by delicious Kosher Pizza or Kebabs. No prior knowledge necessary, just show up and join the conversation. Even if you can't read Hebrew, this is for you!

Girls Club


This "girls only" group is where some of Judaism's "Best Kept Secrets" are discussed. Join the Rebbetzin and other young Jewish women as they discover their unique heritage and learn about the various customs and stories of our past and present.

Jewish Festivals


Whether its the High Holidays, Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim, Passover or any of the other Jewish Festivals, ChabadGW has you "covered". We provide meals, services and parties and so much else you'll want to fill your holiday needs. Check our calendar closer to each festival for more information.

Free trips to Israel !!


Together with Taglit-Birthright, we offer free trips to Israel. From touring all the great sites to hikes and mouth watering Schwarmas, this trip will most certainly leave you wanting more.

Don't miss this special opportunity to connect with your Jewish heritage.

Find out whether you are eligible by giving us a call or clicking here or emailing