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NYC Shabbaton

Camp 2

The weekend of a lifetime!

Sign up below and catch the early-bird rates

Join 1000+ college students from all across the globe for the most amazing weekend in NYC!

Highlights include:

  • A Tour of the city that never sleeps (by prior registration only)

  • Hang out with hundreds of students in a relaxed atmosphere

  • Home-based Shabbat dinner at a local host family

  • ‘Friday Night Live’ – a series of entertaining discussions and workshops

  • ‘Social Spot': Your opportunity to meet new friends for a quick game, just to say hi or for a longer shmooze. It will be open throughout the weekend!

  • Group reunions and “Meet and Match” Social Hangout

  • Spirited Shabbat lunch: complete with song and dance, in a packed ballroom with close to 1,000 friends

  • Stimulating Lecture Series – your choice of topics

  • Interaction with leading Jewish thinkers

  • Musical Havdallah

  • and much much more!

Sign up for Pegisha NYC Shabbaton

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